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Affordable Counseling Services


I use an integrative approach to counseling to help you identify your needs and ensure your concerns are addressed and your feelings are supported.  Affordable, effective counseling services are available for individuals, couples, families, adolescents, groups and various workshops.   


Click on the topics listed below for more information on these affordable counseling services.










Consultation is also available through workshops, retreats, and individual consultations designed to heal, inform and empower. Consultations may be brief or long-term and may involve crisis intervention and trauma debriefing, conflict resolution, psycho-education, re-visioning, and facilitation of transitions in your organization or business.

Individual Counseling

Individual counseling helps people of all ages live happier, healthier and more productive lives. There are several approaches to psychotherapy, including cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal and solutions focused, among others, that help people work through their problems. Psychotherapy is a collaborative process based on the relationship between an individual and therapist. A therapist provides a supportive environment which allows you to talk openly with someone who is objective, neutral and nonjudgmental.

Couples Counseling

Improving your relationship may be part of the solution, but you might also learn something about yourself by coming to couples counseling. Through couples counseling you can gain a better understanding of yourself in relationship with your significant other.  You will have the opportunity to explore personal and couple goals and values, develop skills for improving your relationship, Improve communications skills by learning listening skills and how to express feelings effectively.  Couples counseling will help you discover new ways to be in relationship with the one you love!

Anger Management

When you are angry, your body reacts just like it does to stress. Your heart beats faster to pump increased oxygen, adrenaline, and sugar into your bloodstream. Your breathing becomes more rapid, your blood pressure rises, and your muscles tense. Your body is energized for action. In looking for a way to release tension you might yell or shout, slam things, pound your fist. However, if you do not find a way to release your tension you risk building up your anger to a level that is dangerous and difficult to control.  Counseling can help you express negative feelings in constructive and positive ways.  

Family Counseling

Everyone has had a conflict with their family at some time or another, but for some, it is more of a lifetime struggle involving much confusion and emotional pain.


Family problems can take many different forms:

  • battering/physical abuse of one or more family members

  • inappropriate sexual behavior/sexual abuse

  • emotional abuse

  • chemical dependency

  • compulsive eating/dieting

  • compulsive gambling

  • work-a-coholism

People from dysfunctional families can end up in abusive relationships or find themselves unable to maintain relationships. 

Call me and make your appointment today!

Adolescent Counseling

Being an adolescent can be challenging for teens and their parents. There is all sorts of pressure to explore and do new things, which may not be the smartest or healthiest.  Problems happen and in some cases, teens may need counseling to help them cope with these problems.  Parents need to pay attention to the signs their teen is sending and consider how to find a counselor if their teen needs one.  We all need a "non-judgmental" but helpful "ear" to listen to us now and then - teens are no different.  

Men's Counseling

Counseling services for and with men are as diverse as each man is but at the same time unique to men. These services include individual counseling and men’s support groups for relationship issues, family issues, mid-life crisis, and personal growth as well as therapy for difficult issues and behaviors such as domestic abuse, PTSD, drug and alcohol abuse, anger management, and sex addiction.


Counseling can help you find resolution to the issues or concerns troubling you, discover new ways to cope with stress and anxiety, break unhealthy patterns and develop new ones and improve your self-esteem and self-confidence.


Credit Cards, Pay-Pal & FSA Cards can be used to pay for Counseling & Therapy Sessions.  Click on the Buy Now Button for Pay Pal and all other credit card companies.  Add $4.00 Service Charge to your bill for this service.  Thank you.